Trinus Software For PS VR

If you have a nice steam vr game collection and want to play those games with your new PS VR, you can do so by using an application like Trinus PSVR.

The wonderful people at Strange Lamb Gambling have developed this app allowing your Computer to almost become a Playstation-4, so you can make use of VR games and movies. This app is a work-in-progress, but we got it functioning and loved a VR game designed for Oculus Rift.

To get Trinus PSVR functioning correctly, take a look at our complete manual to enjoying Vapor games on PSVR.

Utilizing PSVR along with your Mac

Like your Computer, you have a need for a little of third party applications to get your PSVR operating with Mac-OS. Yet another GitHub associate, emoRaivis, developed MacMorpheus, a 3-D, 180/360-degree video player with head tracking for your PSVR.

So I tryied it for only a few minutes and got to have fun with a 3-D, 360 degree movie without a hitch. What I like is the content from here. For information on getting your Apple operating with your PSVR, check it out on how it works using MacMorpheus.

Using PSVR with your Xbox One

Stopping up your PSVR’s processing unit straight into an Xbox One works great in cinematic style a big screen sits in front of you and you can move your head around without moving the display. While it does not offer any kind of 3-D or actual VR functionality, it’s occasionally interesting to play games on a display that makes you feel like you are at a cinema.

For more info on using a PSVR with an Xbox One, Windows Central has a great post on “forming the unholy union”.

Using PlayStation VR without an real PlayStation 4 can be done; yet, you are restricting what the head set can do. If you use it to a Mac, you will just be able to see 3D videos. If you use it with PC, the applications needed is still in its infancy and does not quite make spending the cash on a PSVR rewarding. If you use PSVR with an Xbox One, you are stuck with cinematic style. Our recommendation? Do not get a PSVR unless you plan on mostly utilizing it to a PlayStation 4.