Using virtual reality to improve physical therapy

physical-therapy-1198344_960_720The Danielle Levac of northeastern develops video games to make physical therapy more interesting, stimulating, and rewarding for patients—notably for kids with motion disabilities, including people who have cerebral palsy.

The youthful pupils sat on them in the Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality Lab illuminated by floor-to-ceiling displays with virtual universes, and learned how research can help their patients and about what physical therapists do.


Virtual Reality Soon To Be In Movies

cinema-strip-64074_960_720This virtual reality startup is being backed by a short ton of movie studios — but ‘VR’ from its name is dropping. Movie studios are peeking to see if virtual reality gains traction to affect their company. Cash is being put by more daring ones there. Choose a startup that’s created a name for itself, Vrse. And it’s switching its name: The Los Angeles-based generation and software company is currently Within, a name that “signifies storytelling as human encounter,” writes CEO Chris Milk, a filmmaker comfortable to the TED conference and Sundance circuits.


“Black Mirror” questions all gender and relationship definitions with VR sex

The Netflix series has once again caused a great deal of confusion. The concept of “Black Mirror” is designed to make us as a society think about ourselves and our behaviour. That’s what the first episode of the fifth season of “Striking Vikers” has done. This time it went into the depths of masculinity, friendship, monogamy, and sexuality. Attention, spoilers!


Latest VR Porn News

CES organiser CTA considered the Osé vibrator to be so innovative that it won an award. Suddenly, CTA bans the sex toy and Open women’s hands present a vibrator. The Osé vibrator nestles against the woman’s body so that she has her hands free. Suspicious of a prize.


Which Browser To Use For Porn

There hasn’t been a period of time in history where people were more free concerning their sexuality than nowdays, and where porn was as available as nowadays. The widespread growth of porn means youll not need to move tripping through the woods expecting to discover a cast-off Play Boy. You simply have to tap your hands across several tips to discover an environment of of bawdy joy.


The Fresh VR And AR Program CastAR

Now On Kickstarter: castAR is a proposed AR program which shows holographic-like 3D films right in front of your eyes influenced by Star Wars projections which were also holographic. It’s just another option to Head-Mounted Displays that lets you bring-you enhanced reality and virtual-reality expertise in a streamlined and light weight eyeglasses-kind of goods. What is different the castAR program from HMD apparatus like the Oculus Rift is the fact that as opposed to an LCD screen it utilizes small projectors that task the light on retro-reflective stuff. In addition, you get brain monitoring and extra controls like a magic wand and items using RFID labels that let you connect to actual objects in augmented reality.


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